MRC Red Tub Marinades

Manchester Rusk Company is the market leader in the field of meat coatings & marinades

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MRC Red Tub Chinese Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYA

The best selling Chinese Glaze. The product is a sweet, spicy glaze with a distinctive aniseed flavour.

£14.15 *

MRC Red Tub Garden Mint Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYB

A glaze with a subtle mint flavourcombined with sweetness and acidity to enhance all cuts of lamb and poultry.

£14.70 *

MRC Red Tub Cajun Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYP

A hot, spicy and herby glaze with a distinctive Southern States flavour. Suitable for baking and grilling.

£14.70 *

MRC Red Tub Garlic Butter 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYE

Ideal for chicken to produce "kiev" style products. An attractive product, with good visual by way of herb flecks which gives it the added benefit of being a complete recipe idea in itself. On cooking, best results are obtained by baking.

£15.00 *

MRC Red Tub Hot & Spicy Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYT

Hot & Spicy is a glaze that gives excellent coverage by way of an attractive colour and visuals. The flavour is best described as having a fresh sweetness, with a fiery sting in its tail.

£15.00 *

MRC Red Tub Italian Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYF

Herby tomato flavoured glaze, with a distinctive basil flavour.

£13.75 *

MRC Red Tub Lemon Pepper Coater 2Kg

Product no.: AYL

Lemon Pepper gives an unmistakable lemon flavour, a fresh citrus aroma and just the right amount of black pepper to compliment and complete this very tasty textured coater.

£14.00 *

MRC Red Tub Peppersteak Coater 2Kg

Product no.: AYC

A blend of quality ingredients with a distinctive peppery flavour. ideal for oven baking, grilling and on the BBQ. Alternatively sprinkle into soups and stews or add to stuffings or cous cous.

£11.80 *

MRC Red Tub Piri Piri Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYX

A glaze with a fiery blend of chillies with garlic and a hint of lemon.

£13.00 *

MRC Red Tub Rosemary & Garlic Glaze2.5Kg

Product no.: AYR

A glaze with a strong sweet garlic and herb aroma.

£15.00 *

MRC Red Tub Smoky BBQ Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYI

A glaze with a sweet, hickory flavour combined with a combination of spices to produce products with a distinctive flavour.

£15.00 *

MRC Red Tub Sticky Maple Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYS

A sweet & lusciously sticky glaze with distinctive notes of maple syrup & mesquite smoke. The flavour is unusual, but has a wide ranging appeal.

£14.00 *

MRC Red Tub Sweet Chilli & Lime Coater 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYQ

The product gives superb coverage by excellent use of colour and visuals. Sweet Chilli & Lime can be best described as giving a fresh zesty lime flavour with just the right amount of heat for the perfect combination.

£15.00 *

MRC Red Tub Tandoori Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYD

A hot and spicy glaze flavoured with cardamom and lemon. This product is excellent for cooking under the grill, in the oven or on the BBQ.

£15.00 *

MRC Red Tub Tikka Masala Glaze 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYG

A spicy, authentic tikka style product with an attractive appearance. The product is most suitable for cooking on the BBQ, oven bake or grill.

£13.00 *

MRC Red Tub Kofta Kebab Seasoning 2.5Kg

Product no.: AYV

A seasoning / Kofta Kebab burger mix. A combination of quality ingredients including garlic, pepper, clove, coriander, cumin and mint.

£13.00 *

MRC Red Tub Aromatic Thai 2.5kg

Product no.: AYN

Aromatic Thai captures the flavours of Thai Cuisine; coconut & lemongrass. The product is orange in colour with flecks of herb, giving excellent visual appeal.

£15.00 *
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